• We make it easy...

    …to eat healthy! All of our gourmet meals are delightfully prepared using only the freshest selection of local fruits and vegetables (when available and in season). We use the leanest of organic beef, chicken, turkey, fish and shrimp. Our combination of ingredients and fresh spices make our meals anything but boring!
  • Healthy eating...

    …starts with learning new ways to eat! At Get Fit Fuel we incorporate this philosophy into all our meals, snacks, and assorted beverages. Three key components to healthy eating are: Balance, Variety, and Moderation. We aim for balance from each of the food groups and because all our meals are proportioned for the dietary needs of women and men, we make it easy to practice moderation. Variety is easy, we change our recipes bi-weekly and use the freshest, seasonal ingredients available.
  • Fit fuel meals...

    1. Low sodium and sugar!
    2. No artificial flavors or preservatives!
    3. Low glycemic-index
    4. Healthy fats: olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, and variety of nuts.
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